Dorienke de Grave-Verkerk

mediator (MfN register)

We open doors to new perspectives

A legal dispute can paralyse people and organisations. Using our knowledge and insights, we provide the prospect of a resolution and the space to move forward.


Dorienke de Grave-Verkerk is an experienced mediator and former practising lawyer. As a mediator, she specialises in all types of cooperation problems. She is a registered mediator with the Netherlands Mediators Federation (MfN). She has been certified by the Netherlands Mediation Institute (Nederlands Mediation Instituut) and the International Mediation Institute (IMI), and is trained in conflict management within many forms of collaboration, including labour conflicts, business mediation and group mediation. Dorienke is a member of the association Zakelijke Mediation ZAM (Business Mediation Association), a group of experienced lawyers/ business mediators. As a lawyer, she was specialised in labour law, law governing employee participation and governance issues.

Her approach focuses on bringing calm and order to complex cases.

Since 2018, Dorienke has been a member of the Amsterdam City Council and also holds a supervisory position in the housing corporation sector.