Sale of Personal Data of Members violates the GDPR

17 March 2020  – Linda Eijpe

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) recently imposed a very high fine of EUR 525,000 upon the tennis federation KNLTB. In 2018, the KNLTB sold, against payment, personal data (inter alia gender, name and address) of several hundred thousands of members to 2 sponsors. The sponsors were able to contact the members with tennis-related and other offers. Part of the members were contacted by mail or telephone.

The KNLTB believed that it had a ‘legitimate interest’ in the sale. The AP, however, finds that the sale cannot be founded on this legal ground and that in general sale without consent is prohibited. This finding has far reaching effects on the trade in data and can be called controversial, to say the least. We keep a close watch on the matter and are curious about the final opinion of the court. First the objection proceedings have to take place. To be continued.

Read the decision of the AP here.


Linda Eijpe