Anna van Essen

Anna van Essen specializes in intellectual property law and commercial contracts. Anna worked as an attorney-at-law from 2004 till 2018 and has extensive experience in litigating and advising clients on copyrights, advertising campaigns, unlawful publications (defamation) and commercial contracts (such as licensing, collaboration and distribution, agency and franchise agreements), as well as drafting and negotiating such contracts. She has worked for many clients in the media, music and fashion industry and in the retail business.

Anna started her legal career in 2001 with a large international law firm (Allen & Overy LLP). After five years she switched to a smaller firm with a focus on the media and entertainment industry. Since September 2014 Anna is working as Of Counsel at Parker Advocaten (till 2019 known as De Grave De Mönnink Spliet Advocaten), first as attorney-at-law and since 1 September 2018 as a legal advisor. Anna is fluent in Dutch and English and speaks French and Portuguese reasonably well.