Annelies van Zoest


We like to move fast forward

Standing still means losing ground. That’s why we aim to tackle issues as soon as they arise. As a person and an entrepreneur, all you want is to move ahead.

With more than 20 years of experience as attorney, Annelies van Zoest is an experienced litigator and highly specialized in Franchising and Intellectual Property law. She represents national and international companies and entrepreneurs in various industries including fast food, fashion, art, music and consumer retail (food and non-food).

She is an active member/participant of several national and international partnerships and associations in the field of Franchising, Distribution, Agency and Intellectual Property including the Dutch Association for Distribution, Franchise and Agency Law (Vereniging DFA), Union IP, ABA Franchising Forum, Marques and BMM (Benelux Trademarks and Design association) Annelies has a worldwide network of specialized attorneys in different jurisdictions

Annelies was a member of the legal committee of the Dutch Franchise Organization for many years and has taken an prominent position in the franchising industry. She has regular speaking engagements in- and outside the Netherlands.

Annelies was admitted to the Dutch bar in 1994. The first 10 years she worked at Van Doorne and Boekel in Amsterdam. IAs of 2006, she was founder and partner a boutique firms in Amsterdam practicing Intellectual Property, Franchising and Advertising law.

Annelies has regularly published on many different legal aspects of IP and Franchising including:

  • Alternative corporate re-engineering; building business through third parties relationships and expansion into new markets, chapter The Netherlands, The European lawyer reference series, first edition 2011.
  • Several quarterly columns in Elsevier Retail Magazine;
  • Adfo Juridisch Franchising; a question and answer booklet on franchising for franchise managers and in-house lawyers;
  • Publication on the legal aspects of financial prognoses and liability in the franchising industry (Practical Guide to Franchising of the Dutch Franchise Association) 2013
  • BMM Bulletin nr 4, 2009: Slavish imitation: out of fashion?