A Jingle as Trademark?

17 March 2020  – Silvie Wertwijn, Micheline Don


Last year we already informed in our Newsletter that since March 2019 registration of a mark no longer requires graphical representation. However, the condition that the mark shall be described and recorded in a precise and clear manner does apply. This means that more options have become available in the field of trademark registration. Probably more than one could imagine! In this schedule we would like to give insight in the various trademark types.

The mark applied for should, of course, meet the absolute and relative requirements for registration of any mark. The mark should, for instance, always have distinctive character. However, it is clear that companies can register a lot more identifying signs as trademark than just their name or logo! For instance, jingles or other identifying tunes, like the whistle of CoolBlue, qualify for registration as trademark.

We would like to join you in considering the options!

Silvie Wertwijn


Micheline Don