Renzo Ter Haseborg


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Renzo Ter Haseborg specializes in labor law, pension law and aspects of corporate employment law (statutory director, employee co-determination, partnership conflicts and directors’ liability). He has extensive experience in drafting contracts and regulations, consulting, transaction support and conducting legal procedures. His clients include companies, educational institutions, directors and employees.
Renzo (1977) studied law and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and at New York University and has been a lawyer since 2002. For the first six years as a lawyer Renzo worked at Allen & Overy, of which several months in Shanghai. Since 2015 he is a lawyer and partner at Parker. He successfully completed several specialization courses: employment law (Grotius Academy, 2009), corporate law (Juridische Academie, 2011) and pension law (VU Law Academy, 2015). Renzo is a certified pension lawyer (CPL) and a member of two specialization associations: the Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN) and the Association of Pension Lawyers (VvPj). He publishes regularly and is fluent in English.