Employee Participation

Our clients are both employers and (central) works councils that we assist with, among other things, requests for advice and consent, the drafting of regulations or company agreements and changes to the employee participation structure. Thanks to our extensive experience, we use a sharp legal eye and an open mind to come up with solutions that work in the interest of the organization and the employees. We realize the complexity of some employee participation issues and draw on our own experience in many cases and within a large number of sectors, including in the telecom and automation sector and at healthcare institutions and housing associations.

Barbara Spliet


Renzo Ter Haseborg


Yvette Kouwenberg

lawyer/associate partner


Newsflash: working with self-employed workers after Deliveroo ruling

Many organisations work with self-employed workers. Whether they are called self-employed without staff, consultants or freelancers: for most organisations, it is important that these self-employed workers cannot be seen as employees. Only then Dutch dismissal law and continued payment during illness will not apply and the employer avoids additional tax assessments from the tax authorities

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