Reintegration challenges during COVID-19

The Gatekeeper Improvement Act requires you to reintegrate an employee who is incapacitated for work due to illness. COVID-19 does not alter this, however it may cause you to face certain challenges during the reintgration process. For instance, how to reintegrate a sick employee when your business is closed as a result of governmental COVID-19 measures, such is the case in the hospitality industry? Particularily taking in mind that UWV can impose a wage sanction if UWV would deem the reintgration efforts as insufficiently after two years of illness.

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News Announcement Parker Advocaten 28 december 2018 There’s so much we share.  So why not share the same name?   From 1 January 2019, De Grave De Mönnink Spliet Advocaten is joined by Scope Advocaten, continuing under the name Parker Advocaten. Taking a different... read more

Reviewing business case for which advisory reports are obligatory (art. 25 works counsils act – WOR)

In important decisions, the employer has to consult the organisation’s works council (Works Council-OR, Central Works Council-COR, Group Works Council-GOR, etc.). In doing so, a difference of opinion may arise about the business case, whether implementation of the decision is at all feasible and whether it will lead to the intended outcome?

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